Fast facts



  • Triple P is number 1 on the United Nations' ranking of parenting programs based on the body of evidence behind it.
  • Parents using Stepping Stones Triple P say they feel less stressed and less depressed. (Research in Developmental Disabilities, 28, 362-285).
  • Children's behavior improves and parents feel better using Stepping Stones Triple P. (Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 35, 180-193).
  • Stepping Stones Triple P offers specially-tailored parenting help to suit different families' needs. It's available in breif one-on-one consultations, longer-term group sessions and more in-depth personal support. Contact your state's project team to find out what type of Stepping Stones support is being offered in your state under the SSTP Project.
  • Stepping Stones Triple P doesn't tell you how to be a parent. It gives a choice of strategies you can adapt for all types of situations and problems.
  • Stepping Stones Triple P has 25 strategies to help parents manage their child's behaviour. These include 17 original tried and tested Triple P strategies as well as 8 strategies specifically-tailored for children with a disability.
  • Stepping Stones Triple P can help parents manage toddler tantrums, bedtime battles, dinner table dramas, supermarket meltdowns, get on top of daily routines and much more.
  • "I'm so relieved I'm not the only one!" That's a common reaction from parents going to Group Stepping Stones or Stepping Stones Triple P Seminars.