Which Stepping Stones Triple P is right for me?

Parents and caregivers have different needs when it comes to parenting help. Some may just want a tip or two to make sure their child goes quietly to bed at night – and stays there. Some may need a simple plan to stop tantrums at the shops. But others could be facing more serious trouble and need in-depth help to get them through.


That’s why Stepping Stones Triple P has many different ways to get help. You choose what is best for you and your family. It’s about giving you the right amount of help you need – enough, but not too much!


So, as you read the situations below, see if you recognise yourself. Is this you? You’ll get an idea of the Stepping Stones help that may fit your needs. You’ll also see the kind of Stepping Stones you can do in private, with your personal Stepping Stones Triple P provider, and the types of Stepping Stones done in groups with other parents.

Short sessions with other parents

Is this you?

Most of the time, you know you are doing a good job with parenting. But there are times when things get a little tricky. Like when your toddler won’t eat her dinner. Or your six year old won’t share his toys. If only someone could give you some ideas to make those times easier! If this sounds like you, then a Stepping Stones Triple P seminar may be right for you.

Level 2 Stepping Stones Triple P seminars – positive parenting in a nutshell

Quick and personal: one-on-one help

Is this you?

Being a parent should be easier than this! Perhaps you can’t take your daughter shopping because she throws a tantrum every time. Or maybe you have a child who makes bedtime a nightmare. Or a son who never seems to listen to anything you tell him to do.


If your child has a particular behaviour or developmental problem that is making family life more difficult than it should be, then Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P can help. Primary Care Stepping Stones gives guidance that is tailored to help you with specific issues.

Level 3 Primary Care Stepping Stones Triple P – for everyday problems

Ongoing support in groups or one-on-one

Is this your family?

Other parents don’t seem to have it as tough as you. Your child constantly misbehaves. Your family life is full of frustration, anger and tears. There’s probably a lot of shouting and your child may even be aggressive – perhaps hitting you, the furniture or his brothers and sisters. In fact, everyday – from breakfast to bedtime – is a battle. If this sounds familiar, there are two types of Stepping Stones Triple P that could help.

Group Stepping Stones gives you support to help you manage your child's behaviour and prevent the kinds of problems that make your family life stressful, while Standard Stepping Stones offers the same kind of support in one-on-one sessions, with just you and a Stepping Stones Triple P provider.

Level 4 Group Stepping Stones Triple P – all you want to know

Level 4 Standard Stepping Stones Triple P – for more serious behaviour problems

Or is this you?

You want to create the happiest home life you can. You may have a few concerns about your child’s behaviour or you simply want to know how to encourage your child’s development and potential. Whatever it is, you’re very interested to learn more about positive parenting and how you can apply it to your family. If you’re ready for a more in-depth look at the parenting strategies that really work, Group Stepping Stones Triple P is ideal.

Level 4 Group Stepping Stones Triple P – all you want to know

Do it yourself

Is this you?

Between caring for your child with a disability and juggling the demands of daily life, you’re probably too busy to join a group parenting session or see a parenting worker in person. Perhaps you live too far away or you’re just too shy. Even so, raising a child with a disability brings extra challenges to everyday issues. And you would like some help. If any of this strikes a chord, there are two types of Triple P that could help you.


Triple P Online is a web version of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s Level 4 program. It’s for parents who are having significant problems with their child’s behaviour. 


The Stepping Stones Self-Help Workbook is a workbook full of ideas to help boost the confidence of parents raising children with disabilities. The Self-Help Workbook is available to parents in Queensland and Victoria - it is not currently available in New South Wales.

Triple P Online – your personal parenting program 24/7

Stepping Stones Triple P Self-Help Workbook

Quick, easy – and you’re not alone

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