Triple P Online – your 24/7 personal parenting program

Is this you?

Between caring for your child with a disability and juggling the demands of daily life, you may be too busy to join a group parenting session or see a parenting worker in person. Or perhaps you live too far away, or you’re just too shy.


Even so, raising a child with a disability brings extra challenges for managing everyday issues. And you would like some help. If any of this strikes a chord, Triple P Online could be perfect for you.

What is Triple P Online?

Triple P Online is a web version of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program’s Level 4 program. It’s for parents of children aged 2 to 12 years who are having problems with their child’s behaviour. Triple P Online is also great for teaching children new skills and encouraging desirable behaviours.

How does it work? 

Triple P Online is really easy and fun to use. You get a personal password and choose when and where you log on. Triple P’s Professor Matt Sanders appears as your virtual practitioner, to guide you through the mix of video clips, worksheets and activities. 


You will also be sent additional Stepping Stones materials and, if you choose to, you can sign up to receive podcasts, emails or text reminders of your new positive parenting ideas and plans.


A trained Stepping Stones provider will also call you each week to find out how you’re doing and offer support as you work through the strategies. 

How long will it take?

There are eight separate online modules plus some additional Stepping Stones strategies. To get the most out of Triple P Online, you should spend about an hour each week. So it should take about eight to ten weeks to finish. But it’s flexible. You can spend more or less time, as you like.


Triple P Online tutorial for parents

Take a sneak peek inside Triple P Online. See the positive parenting tips, videos, and activities you’ll have access to with this personal online parenting course.

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