Ireland Triple P success is “remarkable”

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16 Jul 2015

Ireland Triple P success is “remarkable”

A UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre evaluation of Triple P in the Irish Midlands has been hailed as “remarkable” by the program’s founder.

A UNESCO study has found that the number of children with clinically elevated social, emotional and behavioural problems in the Irish Midlands fell by 37.5 per cent after a population-wide roll-out of Triple P. The same study found parents also reported a 30 per cent reduction in their levels of mild and moderate psychological distress and stress.


Triple P founder Professor Matt Sanders, who is also director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland and the Qld head of the Stepping Stones Triple P Project said the results demonstrated the power of evidence-based, early intervention in changing behaviour.


“This study shows that careful implementation of the Triple P system across an entire community can significantly benefit children, parents and the entire community,’’ said Professor Sanders.


To find out more about the success of Triple P in Ireland watch this video on the Midlands Area Parenting Partnership website.