Having friends over to visit

Having visitors over should be fun and it’s a great opportunity for kids to practise their social skills. There are a few things you can keep in mind to make sure the visit goes smoothly.


Let your child practise greeting visitors. Encourage them by telling them clearly what to do –  “Aaron, come and say hello to Simon.” If your child doesn’t use words, you can encourage them to greet visitors by making eye contact and using their own way of communicating. 


Set your child up in an activity and include any other kids that might be visiting. From time to time, make sure you stop what you are doing and praise them for playing nicely. Ask them a few questions about their activity and help set up a new one if they are losing interest in what they are doing. 


You could even give them a snack or drink when they are busy playing well to avoid rewarding misbehaviour.


When your visitors have gone, talk with your child about what you liked about their behaviour. If problems occurred, encourage them to follow the rule next time – “Next time, see if you can remember to share your toys."

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