Create a safe, interesting environment

When children play and explore it helps them develop skills. And if they can sometimes do this with as little supervision from you as possible, it will make home life easier for you and your kids. 


So, a home that is safe is essential. That’s not only for your child’s sake, but for yours as well. When you put knives out of reach, lock away medicine or give your child a helmet for bike riding, you can relax a little. You won’t always be looking out for potential dangers or yelling, “Don’t touch that!”


Also, make sure you provide lots of interesting things for a child to do. You don’t have to buy all the latest, most expensive toys. But have lots of play things, crafts and activities to keep your child busy and active. 


An environment that is full of interesting things to do will stimulate a child’s curiosity as well as their language and intellectual development. Plus, when kids have something to do, they are less likely to misbehave.

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