Finding the right rewards

Praise is one of the simplest ways to encourage good behaviour and help children learn new skills. But some children with disabilities don’t respond to praise and attention. The good news is that you can find other rewards that will work just as well.


Rewards can be things like stickers or a special toy. Sometimes they’re more unusual things, like being allowed to play with a mirror, feel cotton wool, or twirl and look at a leaf.


To find out what rewards your child might like, watch what they do during their free time, or ask them directly. You can even offer them a choice of things to have or to do to work out what they might like.


Once several rewards have been found, you can use one at a time when your child does what you like.


You can teach your child to enjoy praise, attention (like a “thumbs-up”) and touch by giving the reward at the same time as the praise or attention. 


Rewards can be gradually faded out by giving them every now and then but continue to praise your child for behaving well.

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