Frequently asked questions


Do both parents have to attend a Stepping Stones Triple P course or session together?

It is great if both parents can attend although this is not essential. Triple P is also used very successfully by single parents. But families with both parents attending will experience many benefits at home working as a team to change their child’s behaviour. You’ll probably communicate better about parenting, argue and disagree less, and support each other more. Even if only one parent can attend, Stepping Stones Triple P is still of great benefit.

Can Stepping Stones Triple P help grandparents, foster parents and other carers?

The principles of Stepping Stones Triple P apply to anyone who cares for children. Grandparents and other caregivers often attend Triple P programs.

What kind of Stepping Stones Triple P should I do?

As part of the Stepping Stones Triple P Project, parents can get free access to selected types of parenting support, such as: Stepping Stones Seminar, Primary Care Stepping Stones, Group Stepping Stones, Standard Stepping Stones.


You can speak to the research team about the Stepping Stones Triple P programs being offered in your area and for advice about which program is best for your needs and your family.  You can also speak to your local Stepping Stones Triple P provider to help you decide on the right type of support for you.


As a rule of thumb, if your child has minor behaviour problems Stepping Stones Seminar, Primary Care Stepping Stones and Group Stepping Stones will help. Group Stepping Stones is also helpful if your child has more serious behaviour problems.

Can I do more than one type of Stepping Stones Triple P?

Yes. Parents can choose to do multiple different levels of Stepping Stones Triple P. For example, you may choose go to a seminar and then decide you would like to do a more intensive group or individual program as a booster.

Can anyone run a Stepping Stones Triple P program?

No. Providers running Stepping Stones Triple P are required to have completed an approved training course and be an accredited provider. Always check the qualifications of the person running any parenting program.