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Stepping Stones Triple P changes lives. Parents and providers share their stories in videos that show the impact the program can have.


"We can finally go out as a family"

Pam feared for her son’s safety. Carolyn’s family couldn’t go anywhere together. But since doing Stepping Stones Triple P, two Brisbane mothers say their lives are completely different. And they couldn’t be happier.


Feeling like herself again

Looking after a child with extra needs meant that Fern Turner felt like she’d lost her identity. After Stepping Stones, her son’s behaviour and the family’s ability to run a smooth daily routine improved so much, Fern’s been able to regain her confidence and find fulfilling work outside the home.


Team work takes the stress out of parenting

For many parents, especially when dealing with the challenges of parenting a child with a disability, there can be arguments and resentment about whose way is best. But working as a team is a lot less stressful and can make your parenting skills and relationship stronger at the same time.


Beating the behaviour blues

From “horrendous” beginnings came a happy ending for the Carley family. Danielle was not only struggling with son Joey’s behaviour, but she was also finding it hard to bond with him.


Step in the right direction for home and school

“It’s incredible to see the turnaround that some children [and] parents and some families have made…” Head teacher Anna Traer-Goff has witnessed the positive effects parents attending Stepping Stones Triple P can have at home and at school.

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