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This is the best parenting course I have ever been to

Suzanne, Dalby, Australia

Originally posted on the Stepping Stones Triple P Project Facebook page.

I took part in the Stepping Stones Triple P (Group) workshop held in Dalby by Endeavour Foundation and I believe this is the best parenting course I have ever been to, the strategies worked. My son has Autism and other parenting courses never had strategies that would work for him. I recommend this to anyone!!

All's calm now for Mum and son with autism

Cathy, Gold Coast, Australia.

I am the mother of a six-and-a-half-year-old boy (Robert), who is autistic.


We were going through a very rough patch with Robert when we started (Stepping Stones Triple P) and I was being hit or he would dig his nails into me and I had a lot of scratches from him.


Going to the shops was becoming impossible and if he had a tantrum people would stare and it would make the shopping trip very difficult and highly stressful.


Triple P showed us ways to control the behaviour and taught us that getting into a routine would make our lives easier and better. It all sounded so simple and the best part was that once we put into practice what we were taught at each session, it did actually work!


Before Triple P we devoted every waking minute to Robert. I had given up work and... had no opportunity to meet other people. I thought the only meaningful thing I would do with my life would be looking after Robert. Triple P taught me that I could still contribute to the community and they showed me how important it was that I make time for myself and still have time for Robert.


I wish I could show you what Robert is like today and how much he has changed from when we began the Triple P program. If you saw us out today, you wouldn't think he was the same child.  As for me, well I can now go to work without worrying about whether or not I am doing the right thing.


I just hope that all families who have a child with a disability have the opportunity to (do Stepping Stones) as our family is living proof that it can make a huge difference to their lives.

Now, I'm a confident parent

Toni, Bray Park, Australia

Prior to attending the (Stepping Stones) Triple P training program, many social outings with Master 3.5 year old (ASD) would begin with trepidation and finish in exhaustion.


Having had the opportunity to implement some of the strategies and skills acquired through Stepping Stones Triple P, I now feel empowered to approach most situations with confidence, and little concern of judgement from passers-by.


A consistent approach is rewarding us with everyone enjoying our time when out-and-about, hence making for some wonderful memories.